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After my last article was rudimentary about the law of attraction, in the past few days I tried to apply some of it in my everyday life. The idea of being able to draw more and more positive things and experiences into my life through positive thoughts is pretty cool. Sure, the law of attraction should also make it possible to become a millionaire by the power of thought overnight — but I can, if I'm honest, (yet?) do not really believe.

Of course, I would have nothing against such a monetary blessing, but at the moment a little more free time would be enough. In fact, I often find myself in the fact that I totally lost learning to live “at the moment”. After work I managed to lie down on the garden lounger with a book to read, I usually can not follow the plot, because my inner voice already whispers to me that I have to get the laundry out of the dryer at 20 o'clock, fold it and sort it away, that I still have to put the dishwasher in and clean it, that I have to at 21 o'clock watch still has to take a shower, wash hair and blow dry hair and that I should answer a few more emails. Instead of simply turning off and reading my book, I feel sorry for myself and annoying that my free time is filled with annoying duties and I don't have time for my hobbies. I'm getting into these negative thoughts for so long until it's really 8:00 and the dryer beeps. The laundry gets annoyed, folded and sorted away — exactly the parts I need the next day are extremely wrinkled and still need to be ironed. That annoys me invariably, because my whole schedule is shifting backwards. During the subsequent shower, there is suddenly no hot water left and it takes forever until I can wash out the hair conditioner. “It all depends on your free time! “calls my inner voice. Who else is it surprised that the hair dryer overheats when drying hair and I have to wait until it has cooled down?! Then I finally come out of the bathroom and look at the clock, shows this 22.15 o'clock. And my inner voice is shouting, “Oh, no, almost 11 o'clock! “

And here, in fact, the law of attraction could come into play. My thoughts revolve around the fact that I have too little free time and I feel stressed. Accordingly, maybe I really put on situations and circumstances that steal me even more time?! And I'm also ungrateful when you look at it. Instead of being happy to have a job, I'm annoyed by coming home late. I'm annoyed by the laundry I have to get out of the dryer instead of being happy that I own one at all. I find it totally intolerable that suddenly cold water flows out of the shower instead of being happy that we have clean drinking water that even comes out of the pipe quite comfortably.

What if I just change my mindset? Conversely to the “magnetically attracted” time thieves, would the thought “I have all the time in the world” mean that I have more free time and no longer have to rush through the day stressed? And if gratitude attracts even more things that I can look forward to, it would be worth a try! It does not cost time or material effort, but only mental. Bad thoughts attract bad things. So I have to try to avoid bad thoughts and negative thoughts.

Here I can say that I've been asleep like a stone since I forbid myself to ponder about negative things in the evening. I force myself to say that the coming day will be really beautiful, that the working day will be totally relaxed and recall all all sorts of things that I can rejoice and for which I can be grateful. And that's a lot! How cool is it alone to have a roof over your head and lie in a comfortable, own bed? All of this is not self-evident and it is really worthwhile to make yourself aware of how rich you are given by such supposedly banal things!

And what helps to fall asleep in the evening also helps to get up in the morning! Normally, I'm totally annoyed when I just hear the sound of my alarm clock. Instead of going through the to-do list directly with the inner voice and thinking about what all the “catastrophe potential” holds for unpleasant situations, I focused on what I can be grateful for: it is not a matter of course to wake up healthy and cheerfully in your own bed and go to the bathroom independently for the day to be able to finish. Sounds stupid, but it's like that! That alone is a reason for joy. Just like the running water from the tap, the breakfast, and and and and. I could extend the list endlessly now, but I'm sure everyone knows what I'm trying to get out of here. Gratitude really increases the mood in the morning! And instead of constantly looking at the clock and thinking, “Crap, I don't have time! “I realized that the roads are much freer due to the summer holidays and I can also leave a few minutes later. So I got ready in peace, cut a banana into my cereal, watched a YouTube video while eating and drank my coffee at the opened window. Like an old grandmother, I watched the people at the gas station across the street and was happy when I saw a walker who walked two totally cute curly mongrel dogs. Again and again I thought: “I have all the time in the world! “

Finally, I left 15 minutes later than usual. On the road, at the traffic lights and behind the 30 km/h tractor, I still thought I had all the time in the world. In addition, I was pleased that I was allowed to drive to work with my own car and do not depend on bus and train. By public transport, I would have half a trip around the world ahead of me. Besides, I am delighted to be able to drive a route that is pretty scenic: I pass by cow pastures, grain and sunflower fields and pretty houses. I deliberately avoid looking at the clock.

And the funny thing: when I dare to read the time again while driving the parking strip in front of the office, it's actually 7.45 a.m. — I arrived at the same time as usual!

In fact, I didn't get annoyed at the office, but in a good mood — determined not to let me get away from the stacks of files, unforeseen phone calls (which usually also mean an unforeseen more work) and other occurrences. After the first cup of coffee, I divided all the upcoming tasks into important and unimportant, plunged into the important tasks full of motivation and repeatedly told me my mantra: “I have all the time in the world! “Without constant anxious glances at the clock, the work was much better off my hand and I was able to do all the urgent tasks without time pressure. And the coronation: At 12.30 o'clock there was heat free from the boss and in the afternoon I actually had all the time in the world!

And this time I really spent reading in the garden on the couch. That was nice! You could really think I “dressed” more free time! That's funny. Although I can't believe it completely and my inner voice repeatedly raises the word “Aluhut”, but still... it was a beginning!

2 Antworten auf „ All time in the world:)“

Gratitude and positive reframing of a situation liberates from negative thoughts and stress. Thanks for the inspiration! I am going to apply it now!

Hi Rixt,
Thank you very much for your comment. I wouldn’t have thought for myself how easy it would be to reverse some stupid and annoying situations with gratitude, positive thinking and some humour.
Maybe you would like to tell me if you have ever managed to turn a really stupid situation into something good through gratitude and positive thinking? I would be very happy to hear from you!
Many greetings,

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