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After yesterday's skateboard action, I got up this morning with a decent muscle soreness in my legs. When I fought to sleep in the bathroom and started brushing my teeth, I realized that my inner voice was singing! Although it was a strange medley from “Skaterboy” by Avril Lavigne and “Lords of the Boards” by the Guano Apes (and my inner voice was neither particularly textual nor very melodic), BUT she actually sang! Otherwise she complained in the bath in the morning in a tour. About early getting up, my dark circles, my hairstyle or dust on the sink edge, lime stains on the faucets, and and and. She already comes up with a lot in the early morning. Accordingly, my mood is usually also modest in the morning. However, if my inner voice is good, I am automatically.

At this point, after a long time I thought again about the law of attraction. I had a little busy with this, after my mother-in-law told me enthusiastically about Rhonda Byrne's book “The Secret” and strongly recommended it to me. Rhonda Byrne explains how this “law” works, talks about some “experts” in the field, and also incorporates some “users” reports. I deliberately put these terms in quotation marks, because it was not so much for me at first when reading, because it is not an “official” law of nature that one would find in school lessons in the physics book. Everything somehow very esoteric and my inner voice asked me again and again during the reading whether I would like to wear aluminium hats from now on to protect myself from cosmic rays.

Layman summarized by me, the law of attraction says that the same thing attracts the same. So if you think negative, you put on negative things. Thinking about the things you DO NOT like and that you DO NOT want, you drag these things into your life. On the other hand, if you think positively and concentrate on things that make you happy and that you love, you get more and more from this. An important role is also played by sincere, felt gratitude and awareness that nothing you have is self-evident.

You may think of it what you want, but if I think that way, there might actually be some truth about it. At some point, I developed a thought pattern that focuses more on the negative things than on what's going on in my life. I can really get into negative thoughts and spend whole nights instead of sleeping, creating any horror scenarios, or annoying about (t0tal unimportant) things from the past. Or I'm already “pretending” about a thing X that Person Y could do or say the next day in Situation Z. I certainly do not need to mention the fact that Situation Z will never happen. The next day, I'm slept, nauseous and find even more things that I can get annoyed about, which I have to be afraid of and about which I can come up with more hair-raising scenarios the following night.

Therefore, those who want to use the law of attraction for themselves must have positive thoughts and try to be more or less constantly filled with gratitude and joy. Then, as attracted by a large magnet, you get more and more things that you can be grateful for and that you are happy about. Everything in the universe has a certain frequency. In this way, you always put on what radiates the same frequency as you yourself. So you have to look for things that you can enjoy and enjoy. All negatives should be taken into consideration, but should be turned away without paying too much attention to it. Now, of course, this is just my brief, concise summary. So I understood the matter with the law of attraction and in the meantime also watched some YouTube videos about it. A YouTuber from England said the beautiful phrase “You have to raise your vibration!”

I say so... try it doesn't cost anything! So from now on, it's called “High vibes only!” :D

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