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Day 1: Get out of the bike, get on the board:D

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So today was day 1 of my self-trial and I'm really surprised that we have just 10 o'clock and I am actually still busy writing on a blog article... Normally, I'm playing around this time on a Monday night around this time on the couch and I'm already more or less in sleep mode. Today I am like a schnitzel that I actually pulled it through: I have my husband's old skateboard (I myself had a typical supermarket version as a child, but he has a really cool professional with Carhartt stickers on the underside, which has been a sad existence as a “decorative item” in our living room for years. ) loaded into the trunk and drove a lap with it after work.

But in turn. My day started, as always, with the obligatory Monday-Minus motivation. But there was something else: a little bit of anticipation to try something new after work. The question “What do I wear today?” was even more difficult to answer than usual, because it was supposed to be an outfit with which I could survive the day in the office without being strangely noticed and at the same time it should be suitable for sports. I had little desire to jump quickly in sports clothes in the office in the toilet in the evening. So I chose a jeans with a lot of stretch and a polo shirt with a cardigan. With that I would actually have to be able to move around fairly well and also look quite ok in the office.

On the way to work, I thought about where I could even make my first laps on the board without embarrassing myself to the bones. Best of all, a place with little public traffic. In no case a skater park, where I would make myself a whole nest right in front of a bunch of young people. Then I got an idea. Halfway between my office and our apartment there is a vocational school with well-paved walks and a sports field on the premises, where now in the summer holidays there is very little going on and at most a few parents practice cycling with their children. Perfect for my project! What was still perfect: my brain was busy with other things during the car ride than annoying about other road users and checking the time at intervals. And my inner voice didn't even get to lament about how unfair it is that all people are on vacation right now and enjoy the holidays while I cucumber stupid nut to work. My inner voice is very fond of giving me lectures on the way to work. They act either of things that they think could go wrong in the office, of things that I might be annoyed about in the office, or of things that I have been annoyed about in the office in the past. She actually kept her mouth shut today. That was nice!

The day in the office then passed quite pleasantly. In between, I saw myself gliding over the asphalt in front of my spiritual eye as ivory on the skatebord. Well, not quite. But there was, in fact, always a kind of anticipation for the end of work.

And then came the 16 o'clock fatigue. “Do you really want to skateboard? That's way too exhausting after work. Better get some rest!” sounded my inner voice. But I did not give in and actually drove to the vocational school site after the end of the office. The small parking lot on which I parked my car was unfortunately not empty. A few walkers stood beside their cars and talked. I waited impatiently for them to finally get into their cars and drove away. But they just kept talking about each other and stopped where they were. What would they think if I took my skateboard out of the trunk and put on my knee pads? How awkward! Anyway, I had to go through that now. Other people don't ask what I think of their trekking sandals and how I feel about Nordic walking. So get out of the car, put on a protective cover and with the skateboard under the arm a cheap place to practice. By the way, the walkers greeted kindly and seemed to take no offense to the fact that someone in the typical secretarial outfit consisting of pink polo shirt with matching cardigan, pearl necklace and earrings, as well as serious office bun suddenly mutated into a skater girl. I, on the other hand, felt really stupid and would have liked to laugh loudly, as I covered the area with the skateboard under one arm and my handbag under the other arm. Then I found a suitable practice track. A straight piece of asphalt with a bench for putting off the handbag. And no other people in sight! So it could start. And then I actually stood back on a skateboard after more than 20 years!!! Although still a bit shaky and amazed at how much the centre of gravity has changed, it was a great feeling! And it was really impressive to notice that the brain has stored the necessary movements for all these years. Straight ahead really went pretty well again pretty quickly! Steering and braking were already more difficult, but with a little more practice this would certainly work again. And then walkers came. Oh, dear... and now? For a short time, I felt the urge to sit down on the bench and, most importantly, type messages into my phone until they were over. But no, I was able to overcome myself, continue to gain momentum and drive past the people on the board. Ha!

At some point, however, long unused muscles became noticeable and I was quite broken by the unaccustomed movement. But finally came the Kür: I drove down the small mountain to the parking lot while standing up. Yeah, yeah. Although my 12 year old I could only have smiled tired over this little hill, my 35 year old self (with his first two to three gray hair) felt fantastic! I can still ride skateboard! How cool is that, please?

Tired but happy I arrived at home afterwards, jumped under the shower, threw a few baking rolls in the oven and now actually still sit at the PC. Not totally annoyed and overtired, but really really in a good mood. And my inner voice even praised me a bit because I did not fall down...:)

2 Antworten auf „ Day 1: Get out of the bike, get on the board:D“

You go girl!! Danke für deinen inspirierenden Blog und deine tolle Art zu schreiben. Erschreckend in wie vielen Punkten ich meine eigene Situationen wiedererkenne. Bin sehr gespannt wie es weitergeht! Herzliche Grüße

Hi Adry,
vielen Dank für deinen lieben Kommentar. Ich freue mich total darüber, dass tatsächlich jemand meinen Artikel gelesen hat! Das Bloggen ist total neu für mich und fühlt sich noch ein wenig seltsam an 😀 Es beruhigt mich, dass auch du dich in manchen Punkten wiederfindest. Wahrscheinlich ist es auch einfach normal, dass man manchmal mit seinem Leben unzufrieden ist. Es darf nur kein Dauerzustand werden.Ich bin auch sehr gespannt, wie es weitergeht und in welche Richtung sich mein Blog entwickeln wird. Ich würde mich freuen, wenn du mal wieder hier vorbeischaust! 🙂 Liebe Grüße, Steffi

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