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So, there we would be at the beginning of my project “Hamsterradausstieg”. Something needs to change urgently, so much is clear. I don't want to feel constantly rushed and leaked and fill the time that I have left next to work better. But what do you mean? Sure, on the one hand there are the necessary tasks: shower/personal care in general, shopping, cooking food, cleaning, and whatever else is part of it. A long list of things that cannot be avoided, even if they are not necessarily a lot of fun. And then there are the things that are fun. But what are these actually in my case? Of course, I like to spend time with my husband, our family, our circle of friends and my girlfriends. I also like to read. That's all I could think of from the standstill. And that's already a little appalled me. Don't I have any more hobbies?! What was it like when I was a kid? I had a lot of hobbies. I've read and met with girlfriends. But I also played the piano, painted a lot, interested in plants and animals, knew the names of all the local mushrooms by heart and I liked to write stories. I had a skateboard and was proud to be able to shut down the little mountain in our street “standing up”. Even on inliners, we made our neighborhood unsafe and never had boredom.

Where did all this go? Somehow I lost sight of all the things that I used to enjoy, little by little. It began creeping during school years, and then the training came through which I ended up in the office job that I still do today. With the move to your own apartment then came after work also the household stuff and zack - the hobbies are gone! When I'm out of work and theoretically had a little time, I often just sit sluggishly on the couch and feel sorry. Pity me because I'm so tired that I don't want anything anymore. Somewhere I read a sentence that went something like this: “You're not tired because you've done too much, but because you've done too little what you love.” The sentence is exactly the same. But what do I love? When I was a kid, I would have just said, “Paint! Skateboard! Come up with stories!”

What if I just went back to my old hobbies? “Back to the roots”, so to speak? Can I still ride skateboard at 35? Do I still enjoy painting today? In any case, all these things would make for a little change in my everyday life again! Wouldn't it be worth a try to load the old skateboard, knee, elbow and wrist pads into the trunk and just take a lap with it after work? I think so! We're going tomorrow.

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