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After I noticed that I have been rushing through the area for a long time in a bad mood and stressed, and every day is marked by a subliminal, difficult to grasp dissatisfaction, I had to admit that I am in the middle of it: in the hamster wheel. But the comparison with the hamster wheel actually lags. Because the hamster likes to walk in his bike. He enjoys it! Through his running, he moves the wheel. The wheel rotates and spins as long as the hamster wants to run. If the hamster jumps out, the wheel turns a few more lonely laps and then stands still at some point. On the other hand, I feel like I'm in a wheel that simply rotates by itself. And I have to run and run as long as the bike wants. Faster, slow down. Sometimes so fast that I barely come and have to put all my strength into running, so as not to fall down the length and get thrown out of the wheel. - Ok, it's not that dramatic, but sometimes already close. Therefore, it is high time to jump out of the bike with an elegant jump! After all, hamsters do other things: eat, sleep, dig and everything else that is “in” in the hamster business. But how can I get out of the bike? In search of an answer to this question, I came across a wide variety of things: I read “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne and, in the course of this, I was already concerned with the law of attraction. I've watched some YouTube videos that are about how you can supposedly transform a whole day to the positive through a well-planned morning routine. In other videos, I was told how to use the power of gems and receive messages from the universe through numerology. “Help, have you fallen so low?” , my inner voice then always calls, because actually a large part of me does everything from this direction immediately as an esoteric spinning. And if I'm completely honest, I don't think there's the right way for me. But I don't see the right way for me either in the numerous videos of some “high-gloss creators” who work independently and at their discretion can free up time for a two-hour morning routine. Hat off before work they put in such videos. But when am I supposed to get up to meditate for an hour, go jogging, have a healthy breakfast and then style myself as if I were not going to work, but to the fashion week? No, that's not for me. But the matter with the law of attraction, which - explained quite simply - is based on the fact that with positive thoughts you can achieve everything you want, sounds quite tempting. And you basically have nothing to lose?! It must somehow be possible to make a normal average life at least a bit more exciting, fun and a little bit more stress-free, even if you don't have much room to change the framework conditions. Because if I don't win the lottery, work will probably continue to be a big part of my life and limit my free time accordingly. And working days are generally always the same. Almost like “And every day greets the marmot.” I like cute rodents very much and we have already housed two cuddly hamsters under our roof. But still, I don't want to do a rodent sport any longer! On this blog, I would like to document a small self-test: What helps you jump out of the hamster wheel? How to stay outside permanently? I want to try to document my “strategies” as well as the successes and defeats here more or less diary.

I'm curious to see if in the end I even manage to sit next to the hamster wheel in the meadow and have a cocktail! :)

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